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Company information

Owner of the Web: NEW BUYLEVARD S.L.


E-mail address: info@buylevard.com

Data of Registration: Lleida Public Trade Registry, Tomo 1266, Libro 0, Folio 34, sección 8, Hoja L25266

CIF: B 25723073


Contents. he web page BUYLEVARD.COM, is an internet portal which offers its users information about the latest trends in fashion and the possibility of shopping designer's clothes. Buylevard is a web page addressed to public who have reached the age of majority in their country of residence. If you have not reached majority you are not authorised to register on this page. NEW BUYLEVARD S.L. will not be responsible or liable in any way for the use that third parties make of the contents on our web page or on the web pages accessible from it through links. Those third parties are responsible for the use they make of the web page contents.

All the contents on our web page are own-produced or have been supplied by the designers themselves, making them responsible for getting the consent of the owner of the supplied content's copyright. Regarding the information about fashion events, news and current trends, these will be taken from other web pages or publications or there will be a link to those pages.

If you consider that any of the contents of the page violates the author's copyright, please let us know by sending an e-mail to info@buylevard.com to remove it.

External links. The owner of the web page is not responsible for the other web sites or files that can accessed through hypertext links which are available in the content of the page. The content of the links will be solely the responsibility of the owners of those pages. This web does not approve of or claim ownership of the products, services, contents, information, data, files or any content available on those web pages or files. Also, we do not control the content of those pages and we do not promise the quality, lawfulness, accuracy and usefulness of the information and services on the links that are external to this web page.

If deemed necessary, or a competent authority declares the unlawfulness of the data, hence instructing the withdrawal or preventing access to them, or if the existence of the damage has been declared, and we have specifically been served notice of the legal ruling, the links indicated will be immediately withdrawn.

Use of the web. Users commit to using the website, its contents and services in compliance with the law and the current Terms and Conditions of the website, generally accepted good manners and public order. If the user violates these Terms and Conditions or the current legislation they will have to compensate NEW BUYLEVARD, S.L. for any damage caused by the use of the website. Users must refrain from:

  1. Making an unauthorized or unlawful use of the website and/or its contents for illicit purposes or effects.
  2. Accessing or trying to access restricted resources or areas of the web page, without complying with the necessary requirements for such access.
  3. Introducing or broadcasting computer viruses on the net or on any software or hardware that may cause damage to the software or hardware of the domain owner, the providers or third parties.
  4. Trying to access use and/or manipulate the data of the domain owner, third party providers and other users.
  5. Deleting, concealing or manipulating notes on intellectual or industrial property rights or any other identifying data of the owner of the website or third parties incorporated in the contents, as well as the technical protective devices or any other information mechanism that may be inserted in the contents of the web page.
  6. Obtaining or trying to obtain the content by means or procedures other than those, as the case may be, made available to the user for this purpose or those indicated for this purpose on the Website pages where the content can be found or, in general, those normally used on the Internet for this purpose, as long as they do not pose a risk of damage or of being rendered useless to the Service or the Content.


Intellectual property. This web page, including the source code and the contents developed by its owner or its contributors is protected by the current national and international intellectual property regulations. All rights are reserved so the user may only navigate the content of the web page for private use.


If you consider that any of the contents of the web page infringe the copyright, please let us know by sending an e-mail to info@buylevard.com so we can proceed to withdraw it.


Disclaimer of liability. This web page allows the users to post comments. In order to use this web page the user must register and provide an e-mail address and a password. The user will be solely responsible for the access and identification data (user name and password), released by him/her or third parties as well as for any actions, messages, communications or declarations made , published or posted form their accounts. Furthermore, the user will be the sole responsible for the use of the service and the contents of the comments he/she posts. It is strictly forbidden to provide any identifying information (address, telephone number or any other data) in the comments. If any such information is posted it will be removed automatically. If the user repeats such behaviour, Buylevard reserves the right to exclude him/her.

Also, Buylevard remove or suppress totally or partially any offensive comment or information that has been posted.

In case that Buylevard effectively knew that the activity or information forwarded by the users was unlawful or could damage the property or rights of third parties, liable for compensation, it will act with the necessary diligence to eliminate or disable the content as soon as possible without prejudice to the obligations established by law to promptly inform the competent public authorities of illegal activities undertaken by the Users or obligations to communicate to the competent authorities, at their request, information enabling the identification of the users .

Buylevard informs all users that it reserves the right to change the terms and conditions, totally or partially. Also it reserves the right to modify or cancel the service we provide to the users at any moment.

Terms and conditions. The purchase terms and conditions of our products are laid out below. We recommend you to read them carefully and to print them out and keep them to refer to them later on. NEW BUYLEVARD S.L. which will be referred to as BUYLEVARD reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions, change the prices, etc without notice. However, these changes will only apply to the purchases or services made or provided after the modification and will no be applicable to the purchases or contracts already finalized.

The user needs to be registered in order to make a purchase of the products available on our web page (see Privacy Policy). The user is requested to provide personal information that will be used to provide him or her with the ordered products. By creating an account, the user will have access to orders, invoices and other information. In order to register, the user must be of legal age in his country of residency and have the sufficient capacity to contract.

Once these requirements have been met, the user will have access to all the sections of our web page, where he or she will find the designers and brand names that sell their products through our web page.

Every designer or brand has a profile which contains some information about their history and the products they offer with a detailed description including available sizes, colours, materials, etc.

While the user can keep on adding products to their shopping bag while they browse the different sections on the web. Once they have finished adding products, they can complete their purchase and choose one of the methods of payment available on our page. Moreover, you can track your order, use a Support Chat and have access to customer service where you can contact BUYLEVARD.

In compliance with the applicable trade regulations, we will now detail the terms and conditions.


Users can refer their friends or members of their family so that they can also become members of Buylevard free of charge for all of them.

It is strictly forbidden to make massive or indiscriminated referrals, such as those made through an add on the internet, on magazines or on any other mass media.

If a Buylevard user refers someone, the new user will get a 5€ gift voucher on their account when they register. Also, when a new member makes their first purchase, the user who referred them will automatically receive a 5€ gift voucher. Referral gift vouchers will automatically be deducted from the total price of the purchase.

Buylevard reserves the right to cancel vouchers when the users make fraudulent use of them. Sending referrals to different accounts of the same user to benefit from the gift vouchers is considered misusing them.

When any Buylevard user refers a friend or member of their family they themselves will be responsible for any possible future liability. Buylevard will not have any liability derived from such referral since it is the members themselves who make the referral.

In order to provide an effective customer service , BUYLEVARD provides you with different methods to contact us: one is the Support Chat you can access on the main page of www.buylevard.com, the other one is through our costumer service e-mail info@buylevard.com ad for technical problems through the e-mail soporte@buylevard.com.

Offers and promotions conducted by Buylevard through different media (web, blog, facebook, newsletter, ...) that include free shipping cost, are only applicable for shipments in Spain (peninsula) and Balearic Islands, with the exception of those offers&promotions that indicate the opposite.

ll the products on our web page have detailed information provided by the designers or brands that supply them about the available colours, size and materials used, as well as photos of the product. This information is supplied by the designers and brands themselves. If you detect any inaccuracies, please let us know by sending an e-mail to soporte@buylevard.com so we can correct it.

You can find two types of products: products in stock and custom made products which can be identified because they have the icon A medida.

Products in stock will be available in different colours and sizes until they sell out. Buylevard will try to update regularly the information on the products. If you order a product and it has sold out, you will be notified via e-mail and you will get a refund for the total amount of the purchase of that product, through the same payment method used in your purchase. The price of the products includes the taxes but the shipping is not included. You can check shipping cost on the shipping rates list (link to shipping rates list). The shipping cost will be added to the cost of your purchase before you make the final payment for it.

The product page contains information on the delivery date. If you are not satisfied with the product you can send it back within 10 days of receipt. You must notify Buylevard by sending an e-mail to devoluciones@buylevard.com before returning the product. On the reply you will be sent a return slip with the designated return number and the address where you need to send the package.

Once the return of your order has been requested in our website, you will have to return the package within the 10 days of the order reception, so the date of the shipment has to be within this 10 days in order to accept the item return or replacement.

The product must be returned in perfect condition in its original package and with the labels on. You will not get a refund if the product has been used. The product must be returned with all the accessories it was sent with. You must send back the products to the address Buylevard will send you by e-mail. Once we have checked that the product is in good condition Buylevard will proceed to give you a refund in the shortest possible time.

Replacements and Returns
We will only refund the shipping cost for returns of faulty products, or when the designer or brand made a mistake sending you the wrong size or product. Otherwise shipping costs will be paid by the user, who will be responsible for returning the product properly.

Custom made products A medida pages will include information on the colours available, the materials used and a request for the customers measurements necessary for making the product. Please take and type in your measurements correctly, as the products made to the customers measurements are non-refundable, as they are excluded from the scope of the consumers legislation on withdrawal rights. The price of the products includes the taxes but the shipping is not included. The shipping cost will be added to the cost of your purchase before you make the final payment for it. You can check shipping cost on the shipping rates list (link to shipping rates list).

The product page contains information on the time necessary for making the item and the delivery times.

The same terms and conditions apply to products on sale or to special offers unless otherwise stated.

Delivery: Products will be sent to the address provided by the user using ChronoExprés / Correos. In order to optimize the delivery we advise to supply an address where the order can be delivered during working hours.

If we do not comply with the delivery times stated on the product page, except in case of a reason beyond our control, you may cancel the order of both products in stock and custom made products.

Please do not accept any packages that are damaged or show signs of having been opened. Make a claim to the carrier and send us a copy of the claim.

Payment: The different payment methods we accept are explained below.

Buylevard acts as a middleman between the customer and the designer or brand name offering their products on our page. The customer can use any of the payment methods available on our page when placing an order. The customer's payment is pending until the 10 days delivery and withdrawal times expire (if they meet the requirements stated by the law). In such cases, Buylevard agrees to give a refund with the same method of payment used by the customer within the shortest time possible.

Users can pay by credit card or Paypal.

Credit Card: You can for our the products you purchase by credit card. For that, you need to provide the information we request. You should take into account that the approval of the transaction may take a few minutes. Please be patient and wait for the confirmation of the transaction to avoid duplicate payments.

We only accept Visa, Master card, American Express (...)credit cards and debit cards. The credit card transactions are managed directly by La Caixa. Buylevard does not have access to your credit card details. We guarantee that your data will not be used for any other purpose than the management of your purchase. You may check the Privacy Policy of La Caixa here (La Caixa Terms and Conditions)

Users should refrain from conducting fraudulent transactions. Should we have any evidence of fraud, we will inform the authorities immediately.

Paypal: You must register with Pay pal in order to use their payment service. (Paypal Terms and Conditions)

Protection of Personal Data: (Privacy Policy)

Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction: The general terms and conditions stated in the following document are in compliance of the Spanish Law.

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